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Welcome All And Thank You!

Thanks for visiting the interwebs #1 portal for channel, stream and art promotion. This is a brand new site that's been about a year and a half in the making so our apologies for some elements and areas needing some changes or adjustments. Our thanks for everyone's patience and support in helping make this site the one stop source for all the newest and hungriest publishers to become known. Let me take a moment to briefly describe what visitors can expect when navigating the site.


The flagship page for channel promotion. This page gets the most attention from the staff because of its nature being the genesis of the entire sites creation. It’s very promotion heavy and needs the most assistance due to its links representing the newest created publisher channels on the web. Links can come from any site that has video hosting services and permits people to create accounts or 'channels'. YouTube is by far the leading location for uploading videos however there are others such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Metacafe etc. The average subscriber numbers for this channel can be anywhere from 0 to 10,000 or even more.

Much props and respect to the underdogs chasing their dreams, fame, careers, hobbies or simple love for their areas of expertise whether it be in gaming, social issues, information or even just random humor. Interweb legends maintains being by the community for the community.

Heavy Hitting Videos

For those interested in more hype based videos about the world and popular culture, look no further. The videos found on this page come from all across social media and the deep web so caution should be exercised when visiting. There's no limits on the topics that may appear on this page so be sure to keep an open mind and marvel at some of the insanity going on in the world these days.

Salty Suite

Let’s take a moment and be honest with ourselves. We are human beings. And AS human beings, we all have a natural curiosity for controversy. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

(Cue your friendly neighborhood Sith lord inviting you to the dark side).

Gamers are natural competitors who can't help but feel the need to be in constant control of their in-game character, avatar, RTS bases etc... Like with most real world occupations, those who take pride in their craft often times tend to be a little 'sensitive' whereupon any post job critiquing (constructive or otherwise) is met with strong defensive rebuttals. This is never the case when dealing with experts who still consider themselves 'students of the world' no matter how many years of hands on experience they possess. (Best of luck coming across this type of professional). After hours upon hours of time invested into playing a game, some gamers develop a sense of entitlement to accompany the sensitivity.

These select few gamers take this sensitivity to the ^9000th power and multiply it again by 10 times the rage Kratos had against the gods of Olympus distributed over the course of 3 installments of the god of war franchise.

(Seriously...that dude was PISSED like...ALL THE TIME.)

There is no telling when a gamer is going to have a nuclear core meltdown after losing a round or a match. Predicting the weather is widely considered to be an easier feat. One things for sure however. It is absolutely freaking hilarious every time it happens.


The realm of anime, manga and American based comic books and cartoons is much too large to ignore. The love and support for these categories is staggering to say the least and we feel those who wish to weigh in on topics and visibly express their thoughts, feelings and general hype related to these areas deserve a stage to do so. Book clubs share their love for new and classic literature all the time. Why should new manga’s be any different?

Did Naruto finally finish after being in publication for 15 years? Feeling a little exposed and naked every week without your way of the ninja fix? Navigate over to this page and see if you can't find a nice little alternative series you probably don't even know exists!


The interwebs number 1 source for the most chillaxing streamers to date. Well kind of anyway. It’s really just passionate video game streamers connecting with like-minded viewers and sharing floor space on 1 page. Different people relate and connect to different personalities so here’s a chance to experience some live action entertainment from the comfort of your bedroom.

Live streams are fun and interactive so click on over and eliminate the boredom of your uneventful day by watching these streamers get rekt by the audience.

Meme It Up

No long winded description required. The funniest memes the internet has to offer belong on its own page. Just get those submissions in!

Mightier Than Sword

In an age where HD, high FPS videos and animations reign supreme, we tend to forget and stray away from the serenity and majesty of static art pieces. Legends still appreciates and supports those who maintain a passion for the pen and acknowledge that the stroke of a brush has the potential to make even emperors weep. Mightier than sword is the canvas for artists of the world to showcase their talents proudly.

Draw on!