Interweblegends.com supports a very specific purpose. Simply put a site designed For the community, by the community in its approach to help catapult the ambitious and hungriest new internet personalities bent on making a household name for themselves through video submissions, livestream sessions or even hand drawn artistic talents. There are quite literally hundreds upon thousands, if not MILLIONS of individuals boasting their own channels filled with completely original content that are ready willing and able to share with this little dust ball planet we call earth. The problem is…..there’s quite literally hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of people trying to share original content with each other and everybody else. The market is somewhat saturated by these underdogs and with so many trying their hardest to get some form of exposure, the lionshare of those channels fall victim to overshadowing and being disregarded completely without ever getting a chance to shine.

Enter InterwebLegends.com, the #1 portal on the internet offering equal exposure to all the casualties of insufficient promotion providing a level fighting chance that some of the stronger fan supported channels don’t necessarily need to worry about. When I first started out, I immediately found myself questioning how in the world was I going to showcase my personal channel’s content when I decided to start recording my gameplays and uploading them. I was hit with an epiphany that day I decided to try taking my channel more seriously and instantly realized I was not special because all of the millions of other people most certainly had the same realization around the same stage of their channel growth process.

🙁 *super sad face*

I decided to take it one step further however; and become the stepping stone to help launch other channels as well as my own into the stratosphere in the hopes that they stay up there and accomplish great things with their new found success. Many thanks to any and all who would use this site to do great things, have many laughs but above all never forget the community and those who will always support you in all of your endeavours for they are your fanbase and likewise you are theirs.

Many thanks

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