Big Time: Interweb Legends Launches


Its been a long time coming. a LONG time coming. The #1 channel stream and art promotion site on the web hits the ground running. Swollness is at the helm and completely lacking a motley crew of rag tag dream chasers ready to brave the depths and soar into greatness. Legends is nothing without the community plain and simple. With that said, legends is looking to tell a rags to riches story. It’s looking for that diamond in the rough. That baby in the trash. Who sinks and who swims? Who whails and who fails?

(man I went hard on those phrases)

Up to this point I had been keeping the existence of legends fairly low key but no more. More than 90% of the underdogs content came from regular people following my twitter and advertising via Direct message trying to get some exposure. So before I say another word here’s a long a** list giving thanks and shout outs to those in the struggle or already getting it done:

    Shout Outs

FUgameCrue @FUgameCrue
UptownDuck00 @UptownDuck00
Spoopy Bros @BlubberBros
Tanner Wolf @wherewolfx
OMJamie @OMJamieViolin
8BitBrigade @8bitbrigadiers
Ioannis the Composer @IoannisComposer
Ay Christene @AyChristene
Music Lover @MusicLoverYT
Albert S. Music @AlbertSF
Gareth J Rubery @garethjrubery
Cos Culture Magazine @CosCultureMag
FrankieMoto @Frankie_Moto
Scott King @RetroantSK
ActUnnatural @ActUnnatural
Jason @therealnastyj
NerdSquadGaming @NerdSquadGaming
Caper Music @capermusic
Redredrain @RobinskiVinski
QuanticDrift @QuanticDrift
Luke @CoolHandWiz
SniggyMcWiggins @xiiSniggyMcWigg
Kazilik @KazilikGaming
Jonathan Crow @JonCrowGamer
DyrDyl | 33K @DyrDylMc
ForbYuvraj 123 @YSanawar
Divine Gaming @Almighty_Negus
Astronauta @astronautasound
A4 | Andre @A4Andre

This list is pretty serious. And I didnt even realize until this blog post.

Theres a bunch of different pages meant for different types of content and personalities. Although the underdogs are pretty much stacked for the time being, there is plenty of opportunity for exposure on the other pages. The anime page is basically bare because I lack the grade A experience required to fill the void. Honestly, I am in desperate need of some young bloods ready to showcase the realm of anime.

For the more controversial pages in the salty suite, I would love nothing more than to start taking submissions for all 3 pages. Me personally, my favorite area on legends is the salty suite because its just a guilty pleasure to watch people get mad over video games lololol.

vgtv boasts some strong mid tier streamers dedicated to the game. a4 andre and smg princess covering 2 solid entries in the field of fighting games. The only downside to these players is the obvious fact that streaming requires some real man hours and consideration towards irl jobs because everybody gotta pay that rent. Consider it an open opportunity window for you all as streamers however; to take up offline slot space during prime time hours. The street fighter and the femme fatale are currently offline as of this post so first come first serve is in effect.

I refuse to lie through my teeth. This operation is a one man show. This means I am dedicated to the cause and any support puts me indebted to the generous contributor. It’s my life now so consider clicking on over to the memberships page and subscribing to the bare bones membership. Let’s see if we cant start getting some giveaway’s routinely going every month. Perhaps even weekly? daily? I also wouldn’t mind some experience wordpress users interested in helping me manage some of the pages just to ease the stressful load.

no more talk.

eyes up towards the future.


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